Most families need help navigating the Recruiting Process

The recruiting process is complex for distance runners and their families as they search for a balance between cost, academics, and a great athletic program. Most distance runners are outstanding students and have a wide spectrum of options academically, yet finding the right cross country and track program is often a challenge.

Distance Running Recruiting is an educational resource that will help you navigate this process, empowering you with the information you need to choose a school that is a great fit - financially, academically and athletically - for your daughter or son.

We are not a recruiting service. We do not communicate on your behalf with college coaches. Rather, our nine hours of audio - the Essential Recruiting Resource - will guide you through the recruiting process and empower you to skillfully proceed through this process, with all of the information you need to to ask the right questions, at the right time, when communicating with college coaches.

Most Families face these problems in the recruiting process

You don’t understand the NCAA rules.

You don't know when and how you should contact college coaches.

You don't know when and how it's permissible for college coaches to contact you.

You don’t know if your daughter or son is fast enough to run at a given school.

You don’t know if your daughter or son can earn an athletic scholarship at a given school.

You don’t know the key differences between NCAA Division I, Division II and Division III schools.

You don’t know the difference between being a scholarship athlete and a walk-on athlete.

Families often feel lost in the recruiting process, yet don't know where to go to learn the key information.