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There is no reason to feel lost in the recruiting process. Yes, the recruiting process is complex, but there is no reason a family, empowered with solid information, can’t navigate the process and find a great fit for their daughter or son.

Every student has a different set of variables - PRs, test scores and GPA, academic interests, family's financial resources - so every student will have a different journey through the recruiting process. Let us help you get answers to all of the important questions you have about the process.

Jay Johnson and Patrick Wales-Dinan will be your guides through this journey. Between them they have close to twenty years of experience recruiting at the collegiate level. In the Essential Recruiting Resource, Jay and Patrick cover all the key points of the recruiting process over the span of nine hours of audio.

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To help you in this process we’d like to offer you two free resources. The first is our Recruiting Guide, a nine-page document that will give you an overview of the process.

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